The Products Range - Faber UK

Our range of products, divided into 4 different lines, is able to provide the perfect solution for all those working with ceramic materials or natural stone, both at professional level (stone factories, marble workers, stone installers and manufacturers) and for DIY, for all those wishing to take care of the surfaces in their homes in person.

Our Product Lines:

Professional LineProfessional Line: The product line that we reserve to professionals in the natural stone and ceramic material industries, such as marble workers, maintenance companies and stone installators. The line that includes all of our knowhow, used every day for the most prestigious international architectural projects.


Showroom LineShowroom Line: A line of products that combines the performance of professional products with the simple use of a DIY product. Reserved to individual clients and the best ceramics showrooms, this line offers solutions to the most common problems found on floors and coverings.


Green_tech LineGreen_tech Line: Our line of eco-friendly products. Formulas with natural ingredients, packaged in recycled and recyclable materials, the Greentech line includes products that are not dangerous to the environment or people’s health. 100% eco compatible and completely free from volatile organic compounds.

Industrial LineIndustrial Line: a line of products used by the most important and prestigious ceramic materials within their production lines to further enhance the performance of stoneware and materials such as cotto, terracotta, quartz agglomerates and cementine. General or customised solutions, based on the specific needs of each of our clients.


Our Product Ranges

Abrasives and polishes: professional products to polish and take lasting care of floors in natural stone and ceramic or stoneware materials. Perfect for keeping the original beauty of these materials intact

Protective products: a full range of unique and innovative products to provide effective, definitive protection to natural materials against rising moisture and the formation of any type of stain. Top-performance solutions able to penetrate materials by several millimetres, without creating any type of film while maintaining the original breathability of the treated material intact

Cleaners: professional, versatile and multipurpose products for extraordinary maintenance and daily cleaning of any type of surface, and able to remove different types of dirt without damaging the treated material

Stain removers: specific products able to extract and eliminate stains, whether water based, such as tea, wine, soft drinks, ink, or oil based, such as cooking oil, mineral oil, engine oil, greasy foods and bituminous residues

Finishes and Waxes: products able to bring out the full beauty of materials such as natural stone and cotto, while protecting them from dirt and stains and enhancing the surface finish

Mastic and Epoxy Systems: formulated specifically to repair cracks, chips and surface damage to natural stone and to fill grout widths between single stone sheets and tiles.